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IFRC Côte d'Ivoire

Fonction publique, Administration Abidjan, Côte d'ivoire

Program and Strategic Coordinator (staff on loan)

  • Lieu de travail Côte d'ivoire| Abidjan, Côte d'ivoire
  • Date d'expiration 12 Juin
  • Secteur d'activité Fonction publique, Administration
  • Nombre de postes 01

Organizational Context

  • The IFRC is served by a Secretariat based in Geneva, with regional, country cluster teams and country offices worldwide. The Secretariat is led by the IFRC Secretary General and provides the central capacity to serve, connect, and represent National Societies. The Secretariat’s focus includes providing support to the IFRC governance mechanisms, setting norms and standards, providing guidance, ensuring consistency, coordination, and accountability for performance; knowledge sharing; promoting collaboration within and respect for the Movement; and expanding engagement with partners. In addition, the West Coast Country Cluster Delegation based in Abuja, Nigeria, provides representation supports to the 4 National Societies (NS) of Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. Africa CDC SLL Programme Background: The IFRC Membership and Africa CDC/Mastercard Foundation entered an ambitious partnership to support 55 Africa Union Member States in the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines. This partnership was built upon the Africa CDC/Mastercard Foundation – Save Lives and Livelihoods Program (SLL) – a continental-wide initiative, which objective is to scale up COVID-19 vaccination in the Africa Union Member States by end of 2022. The SLL program consists of several pillars, including RCCE, that together will support delivering the goal of “reaching at least 60% of the African Population with COVID19 vaccines by end of 2022”. The IFRC and Africa National Societies (ANS) were selected by AfCDC and Mastercard as an implementing partner to deliver the RCCE component of the SLL Program. Programme consortiums were established per Sub-Region, and ANS will work under the leadership of 4 National Societies (lead applicant) and the IFRC.

  •  Lead applicants are the contract holders and responsible for management and reporting of the program for that sub-region. 

The regional division is as follows

  • IFRC – Contract-holder for Northern Africa and Nigeria (with a continental technical and coordination support role included).

  • Cameroon Red Cross – contract holder for Central Africa

  • Kenya Red Cross – contract holder for Eastern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

  • Botswana Red Cross – contract holder for Southern Africa

  • Cote d´Ivoire Red Cross – contract holder for Western Africa (except Nigeria) This partnership identifies the IFRC and Africa National Societies to project themselves as leaders in delivering RCCE programs and lead the efforts on the continent to reduce the vaccine hesitancy. As part of the “Agenda for Renewal”, the programme establishes a first Pan-African partnership with Africa CDC (and Africa Union) and an important donor such as MasterCard Foundation. It will also entail greater level of scrutiny and risk, hence requiring an “all of IFRC” support approach to program management, accountability, and governance, at all levels of the organization.

Job Purpose

  • Reporting to Head of Delegation Niamey Cluster, the Program and Strategic Coordinator is accountable for delivering high quality strategic coordination within the RCRC and as well external stakeholders, coherent and well-coordinated in order to support to the Cote d’Ivoire Red Cross in delivering the SLL program as lead applicant. The Program and Strategic Coordinator ensures that the support is fully aligned with the strategic priorities and organizational development of the Cote d’Ivoire Red Cross and will be responsible for quality assurance, oversight and technical support to the Africa CDC Saving Lives and Livelihoods Program and other relevant program and operations.

  • The Program and Strategic Coordinator will maintain oversight on the implementation of the AfCDC SLL program, with a focus on setting up the program management structure: stakeholder coordination, internal coordination, PMER frameworks, IM systems, grant management and legal systems. The position holder will also be responsible for ensuring sound risk management and control structure. The IFRC Programme and Strategic Coordinator will also ensure the National Society has the capacity and tools to lead the West Africa Consortium, and indirectly to 12 National Societies that will deliver the SLL program at country level.

  • The position holder will facilitate operational coordination across the implementation process, ensure timely reporting to AfCDC and prepare internal reports to inform decision and guidance from the Head of PMU for the AfCDC SLL program and HoD

Program Coordination and Oversight

  • Coordinate IFRC support to Cote d’Ivoire RCS with development and general management of AfCDC SLL Program and any other IFRC supported initiatives in Cote d’Ivoire

  • Coordinate strategic planning, implementation, and monitoring of IFRC supported program to ensure a coherent approach in the design and delivery of projects, including relevant cross-cutting themes (such as Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting/ Information Management (PMER/IM) are all incorporated across all projects.

  • To lead the process of effective, timely and comprehensive reporting to partners and back donors in collaboration with the respective technical counterparts of Cote d’Ivoire RC and IFRC

  • Promote the effective use of community engagement and accountability tools and processes in developing operations in Cote d’Ivoire.

  • Assist the NS to develop systems to ensure the rigorous monitoring of Africa CDC SLL Program and any other IFRC program at all levels

  • . In collaboration with the NS, ensure NS program activities are well coordinated within the movement and external partners.

  • Facilitate partnerships with potential donors, including private sector organizations, to scale up NS operations in the country.

  • Manage staff under supervision, and ensure they deliver agreed outcomes on time and on budget

  • Lead planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting for program under direct responsibility.

  • Provide technical guidance, oversight and support to personnel in implementing IFRC-funded activities, ensuring the application of IFRC policies, procedures, and standards

  • Develop emergency plans of actions, DREF requests and Emergency Appeals where require

General management

  • Provide analytical and project management support in the planning and executing the Cote d’Ivoire Red Cross initiatives

  • Support Cote d’Ivoire Red Cross in strategic efforts to strengthen relationships and collaboration with partners and key stakeholders including other national societies, government, other implementing partners, and play a key role in building collaborative relationships with their teams

  • Assume budget holder responsibility of the relevant budgets and ensure appropriate control on income and expenditures versus plans and guarantee sound planning and financial management in accordance with IFRC policy, standards, and practices

  • To contribute to upholding the Secretariat`s policies, procedures and management system within the Country Office and support their improvement and review as necessary.

  • Promote a culture of performance and continuous learning to improve the accountability and impact for vulnerable people.

Coordination with Africa CDC and Mastercard Foundation

  • Represent the IFRC in technical coordination meeting with Africa CDC and Mastercard foundation for the purpose of the SLL program, with the support of other IFRC technical and management staff

  • Maintain IFRC Steering Group and National Society lead applicants up to date regarding the program directives, and follow their recommendations regarding the strategic positioning of IFRC vis a vis the SLL program and AfCDC/MCF

People Management

  • Ensure that an effective Secretariat organizational structure is in place for effective support of National Societies in these countries

  • Manage all staff under his/her authority.

  • Ensure dissemination of the Code of Conduct for staff to everyone under his/her authority.

Finance and Risk Management

  • Ensure sound financial management of the Secretariat`s programming in these countries, that effective budget planning is in place, and that programmes operate within approved budgets.


  • Ensure the quality and timeliness of the reporting of the Federation secretariat`s programming.

  • Maintain regular management reporting to the Head of Delegation, Niamey cluster.


  • Ensure that risk of harm to staff and Secretariat property are minimised at all times.

  • Ensure the preparation, dissemination and enforcement ofspecific security rules and regulations.

  • Ensure specific plans for emergency evacuations of staff including medical evacuation. (Where appropriate consult and include ICRC).


  • Relevant Master’s degree (such as Public Health, Development Studies, Social Sciences, etc.)

  • Basic Delegates Training Course, WORC, IMPACT or equivalent knowledge

  • Minimum of 10 years work experience in humanitarian operations for a humanitarian aid organization and or development cooperation organization, 5 of which should be at senior management level.


  • Minimum of 10 years work experience in humanitarian operations for a humanitarian aid organisation and or development cooperation organisation, 5 of which should be at senior management level

  • 5 years of work experience including management in a red Cross/Red Crescent National Society, IFRC or ICRC, or a relevant international organization

  • Experience in coordination in a membership organization and with other humanitarian/development actors.

  • Management and supervisory experience in a multicultural environment

  • Experience in the preparation of proposals and narrative and financial reporting for donors

  • Proven record of security regulations implementation and updates

Knowledge, Skills and Languages

  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills, including ability to lead within a matrix management structure and utilize talents/experience of team members in a productive way

  • Strong management and organizational skills, including ability to delegate authority and responsibility

  • Previous working experience in the Africa Continent

  • High degree of discretion, tact, and sensitivity in dealing with stakeholders at all levels

  • Understanding of and commitment to the IFRC`s mission and values

  • Results-oriented, demand driven, entrepreneurial, ability to lead in

  • unprecedented and/or ambiguous situations

  • Demonstrated track record in innovating, contributing to a learning culture, sharing knowledge, and promoting new approaches to engaging partners and donors

  • Good understanding/practice of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting issues

  • Outstanding networking, representational, communication, diplomatic skills and negotiation skills

  • Proven good judgment and ability to work with complete integrity and confidentiality

  • High degree of discretion, tact, and sensitivity in dealing with internal and external clients and stakeholders at all levels

  • Program and project management skills

  • Ability to work within and lead multi-cultural, multilingual, and

  • multidisciplinary teams


  • Fluently spoken and written in French and English

Competencies, Values and Comments

  • Core Competencies: Communication; Collaboration and Teamwork; Judgement and Decision Making; National Society and Customer

  • Relations; Creativity and Innovation; Building Trust;

  • Managerial Competencies: Managing Staff Performance; Managing Staff Development

  • Functional Competencies: Strategic Orientation; Building Alliances; Leadership; Empowering Others

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