Cabinet D’accompagnement et de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (CAGRH)

06 BP 374 ABIDJAN 06, Côte d'ivoire

Cabinet D’accompagnement et de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (CAGRH)

Services 06 BP 374 ABIDJAN 06, Côte d'ivoire

Counrty Human Resource

  • Lieu de travail Côte d'ivoire
  • Date d'expiration 17 Décembre
  • Secteur d'activité Services
  • Nombre de postes 01

Le cabinet d'accompagnement de Gestion de Ressources Humaines recrute pour le compte d'un de ses client un COUNTRY HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICER.

Missions  : 

  • Mission principale The Human Resources Manager ensures close management of human resources within the organization and advises managers by ensuring compliance with HR practices.

Taches secondaires

  •  Administrative personnel management

• Maintain personnel records and fulfill legal obligations

• Manage employment contracts (establishment, follow-up, suspension, termination)

• Administratively manage the employee's retirement

  • skills development

• Collect and integrate variable payroll items (absences, leave, overtime)

• Make the various calculations of the executive or non-executive pay slip

• Establish and control specific payrolls

• Apply the particularities related to collective agreements

• Calculate payroll taxes and prepare social declarations (monthly, quarterly and annual)

  • Manage and develop human resources

• Implement a forward-looking management of jobs and skills (GPEC) approach

• Recruit and integrate staff

• Produce annually a training plan corresponding to both the needs of the company and the wishes of employees for development

• Propose skills assessments

• Identification of staff training needs

• Development of training plans

• implementation of training

• Evaluation of results

  • Management of communication and social activities

• Receive any employee requesting explanations on his situation

• Arbitrate disputes

• Inform employees of any changes affecting them

• Design a company journal

• Design a display

• Design an audio-visual support

• CSR activities

Savoir-faire et savoir être

  • Technical skills : 

• Versatility in all areas of human resources management: recruitment, training, employment law, career management, payroll, and

• Knowledge of the company's professions and in particular those that correspond to the managed population.

• Strong knowledge of occupational psychology

  • Knowledge : 

• Know the regulations on personnel management (statutes, remuneration, law)

• Know how to implement all administrative and payroll management procedures

• Know the roles and responsibilities of each of the actors involved in these procedures

• Have a strong expertise in payroll and know how to use SAGE PAIE

  • Know how to be : 

• Reliability and discretion

• Sense of organization and sense of public service

• Strong interpersonal skills and responsiveness

• Sense of listening and ability to observe and analyze

• Sense of communication and organization

• Sense of responsibility

• Spirit of synthesis

Diplômes/FPC :

Master in Human Resource Management

Expérience :

  • at least 5 years’ experience minimum

Langue :

  • Fluent anglish and french


5 à 9 personnes


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