IT Data Value Management Director

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  • Nom de l'entrprise Djezzy
  • Secteur d'activité Informatique, Télécom, Internet
  • Lieu de travail Alger, Algérie
  • Date d'expiration 05 Août 2018
  • Nombre de postes 01 poste ouvert
  • Niveau de poste Confirmé / Expérimenté
  • Niveau d'étude (diplome) Master 2, Ingéniorat, Bac + 5


  • The DATA is the oil of the new digital world in which we are looking for Senior leader to oversee the Data Infrastructure/Engineering and Big data teams.
  • We are looking for a strong leader that will be capable of working across various business teams and help us grow the corporate functions.
  • This position is for someone with diverse data and software engineering leadership background; someone who brings experience transforming legacy data capabilities, technologies and processes through a lean, agile model toward real business results and ensure proper analysis, design, development, implementation, integration and operation of applications in areas related to the Data Management Platforms including (Big Data, DWH, Hadoop, Hortonworks, ETL, BI), Customer Value Management (CMS), Loyalty and NPS (CFL) systems, Business intelligence and decision support, Data Mining, Data science & Analytics, Revenue Assurance , Fraud Management and Wholesales billing Systems.
  • The excellent communication skill is a key for this position as this person will have to deal with multiple business teams and insure our data solutions are able to meet the entire business needs.


  • Being a Subject Matter Expert in Data Management; this includes devising, getting buy-in and delivering governance structures, building confidence in data with senior stakeholders and setting up data management capabilities within client organizations.
  • Taking business on their journey towards better information, working with them as a partner.
  • Lead design, development and implementation of digital lab informatics solutions to streamline the data science capture and consumption.
  • Overall ownership of Process Development and Operations data in the Enterprise Data Lake and responsible for ongoing support, enhancements and delivery of new initiatives in the organization related to the data.
  • Provide technical leadership, best practices, and hands on implementation experience to drive business and customer-valued results.
  • Manage and develop team responsible for supporting, enhancing, evaluating, and implementing new and existing any of the data management platforms (data warehouse, business intelligence, CVM, RA and all analytics solutions,)
  • Be accountable for the design and architecture of the data management platforms and responsible for the long term scalability and maintenance of these platforms.
  • Advice and develop the IT Data Organization tacking into account the AS IS and the planned Strategy including the DevOps approach.
  • Evaluate KPI reporting, Claims and drive improved service levels, responsiveness and value for results with suppliers.
  • Digital transformation / the synergy with the network and Company strategy for agile organization that should be supported with planned Business/Operational Model. Target organization should be support with a quick win and intermediate approach plan to reach the target DevOps/DVM organization.
  • Lead the transformation of the AS IS model of working of the IT data management systems and duties to the DevOps model by applying lean approaches and overcoming any drop of the business as usual.
  • Build first class data collection pipeline to enable high performance, low latency, high availability with persistency to collect, and aggregate data from business operations (Kafka, ElasticSearch, Nifi, Ignite).
  • Conducts requirement reviews and makes recommendations regarding the development and implementation of the data management systems. Stays abreast of the latest technology infrastructure and processes in the industry.
  • Makes recommendations to use innovative, creative approaches as appropriate to meet the business needs.
  • Manage a solution lifecycle including new capabilities, enhancements and maintenance, while leading an evolution of data maturity to meet changing business needs.
  • Ensure that all application contracts and services are acquired through proper vendor negotiation and management process in order to achieve a win-win relationship with our partners with best possible and cost effective deals to manage our CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Develop a clear strategy on how to procure the right kind of data, how to integrate the data into our data platforms with the right integrity and quality, and how to manage the data on an ongoing basis in a way that the value of the data is maximized.
  • Responsible for leading, supervising and collaborating with a team of professionals for successful delivery of identified outcomes, inclusive of implementing and managing processes, procedures, and policies that impact the business improvement, accreditation, quality assurance, and regulatory or group compliance.
  • Responsible for serving as the principle advisor regarding the data values and the data management platforms.
  • Development and implementation of solutions Customer management systems (CVM), Loyalty, NPS (CFL) to support business roadmap.
  • Development and implementation of a robust Data warehousing solution and business intelligence platform to support all company’s reporting and analytical requirements, and evolving smoothly to Big Data analytics and applications by deploying different big data technologies (Hortonworks, Hadoop, Sparck, Nifi, Ignite, Kafka, Cassandra, …).
  • Development and implementation of solutions for Revenue Assurance and Fraud management and SIM BOX detection.
  • Provide and manage solutions for the Data Monetization based on the Big data tools and uses cases.
  • Innovate, propose and convince the management of new use cases or new product related to the CVM or any source of data monetization. 

Skills and Competences:


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent
  • Master’s degree is a plus

Related Experience:

  • At least 12 years of related experience in Information Technology in Data management, Analytics, revenue assurance and Data warehousing systems.
  • Minimum of 8 years of project management experience.
  • Minimum of 5 years managing teams.
  • Previous experience in GSM Telecom operators.
  • Demonstrated experience in Telecom IT BSS especially: Loyalty, NPS, Commissioning and Campaign management system.
  • Deep understanding of the big data technology landscape including but not limited to HortonWorks, Cloudera, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Impala, Nifi, Oozie, Mahout, Flume, Kafka, Spark, ZooKeeper, MongoDB, Kudu, Presto and Cassandra.
  • Deep understanding of the analytics and data science landscape (Machine Learning /R/Python ecosystems, …) as well as it’s applicability to the digital and telecom fields.
  • Significant experience in DWH and business intelligence. Teradata, Informatica and SAP a definite plus.
  • Experience in Revenue Management and Fraud systems.  RAID and SUBEX a definite plus.
  • Experience in Wholesale Billing system.
  • Knowledge of Digital capabilities Front-end and Back-end platforms (D-BSS, Engagement platform, …)
  • Ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity, ability to see the big picture, ability to collect, digest and assemble information to enable relevant business analyses and facilitate decision-making
  • Strong knowledge of SDLC methodologies; experience with Agile, Lean and DevOps a plus
  • Hands-on experience on large scale Project Management
  • Prior experience managing strategic vendor relationships
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing and communications and presentation skills
  • Must be team oriented, flexible and have a professional/responsible attitude.

Special Knowledge/Skills:

  • Aggressively creative and technologically bold.
  • Effective Negotiation and vendor management skills.
  • Budget and financial planning skills.
  • Strategic Thinking.
  • Must be team oriented, flexible and have a professional/responsible attitude.
  • Leadership and people management skills.
  • Bilingual.  English required with additional fluency in Arabic and French.


1-            Les déclarations ci-dessus permettent de décrire la nature générale et le niveau de travail et d’efforts entrepris par le détenteur de ce poste. Elles ne peuvent être considérées comme des listes exhaustives de toutes les responsabilités, devoirs et aptitudes requis du personnel ainsi classé. Ces derniers critères ne sont pas non plus fixes; les changements auront lieu avec le temps.

2-            Travailler chez VEON exige un haut niveau d'éthique professionnelle, le respect de nos obligations légales, de nos valeurs, de notre code de conduite, ainsi que des politiques et procédures de conformité. Notre esprit de pionnier est incarné par nos valeurs à savoir: être centré sur le client, entreprenant, innovateur, collaboratif et honnête. Être véridique exige que nous agissions de façon éthique, honnête et intègre.




Vous ne pouvez pas postuler à une offre expirée
  • Nom de l'entrprise Djezzy
  • Secteur d'activité Informatique, Télécom, Internet
  • Lieu de travail Alger, Algérie
  • Date d'expiration 05 Août 2018
  • Nombre de postes 01 poste ouvert
  • Niveau de poste Confirmé / Expérimenté
  • Niveau d'étude (diplome) Master 2, Ingéniorat, Bac + 5

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