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Senior manager financial & operations audit

  • Lieu de travail Alger, Algérie
  • Date d'expiration 05 Octobre
  • Niveau de poste Cadre dirigeant| Manager / Responsable département
  • Secteur d'activité Informatique, Télécom, Internet
  • Nombre de postes 01
  • Type de contrat CDI

Missions du poste

           Finalité :

    Manage simultaneous complex different assignments of the internal audits, investigations and forensics and advisory activities. These different activities involve managing or conducting different performance, operational, financial, compliance audit projects and consulting services for management and staff, ensuring the work is carried out with professional care and in accordance with the appropriate standards. Develops the Internal Audit plan for The Financial and Operational areas and submits these reports for the approval and review of Director Internal Audit.

    Responsabilités du poste:

·         Undertake the identification and evaluation of Wataniya Telecom’s audit risk areas relating to financial and operational areas and provides significant input to the development of a risk-based annual internal audit plan.

·         Manage the information gathering of the management requirements through the different meetings with the management for the audit plan including financial and operational risks.

·         Manage the preparation of annual Audit Plan in accordance with the related provisions of the relevant policies and regulations.

·         Manage performance, financial and operational audits and review the work performed to ensure the adequacy of audit scope, the adequacy of testing performed, and the accuracy of conclusions reached.

·         Manage resource planning and requirements for the different audit assignments and special assignments.

·         Manage the audit assignments progress and escalate any showstoppers to the Director, Internal Audit for the intervention.

·         Ensure that audit procedures are strictly adhered to, including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analysing evidence, and documentation of financial and operational processes and procedures.

·         Oversee and manage the work of the audit staff in conducting interviews, reviewing documents, developing and administering surveys, composing summary memos, and preparing working papers or audit operations.

·         Review the work of the audit staff in identification, development, and documentation of audit issues and recommendations for improvement.

·         Communicate the results of audit projects via written reports and oral presentations on a timely basis to the Director Internal Audit.

·         Interact with staff, section heads, department directors and managers and when necessary with executive management in order to obtain and/or communicate relevant information to achieve the objective/s of the financial and operational audit Maintain all organisational and professional ethical standards and ensure internal audit activities are carried out in compliance with the finance best practices and standards. 

·         Manage the planning and executions of audits related to the different operations, evaluation of financial and operational internal controls and communicate collaboratively with management to identify actions needed.

·         Assess the financial and operational controls to mitigate the risks.

·         Work independently under general direction with extensive latitude for initiative and independent judgment.

·         Coordinate with the external auditors and facilitate their fieldwork in the Company.

·         Manage the Audit Management Software to facilitate Internal Audit Activities

·         Review the audit programs to ensure the appropriate testing mechanisms, execute the audit program, recognize control weaknesses, assess the materiality of these weaknesses, and relate them back to the scope and objectives of the audit. Manage the identification and evaluation of Wataniya Telecom’s audit risk areas and oversees the development of the annual Audit Plan based on the identified risks.

·         Develop an annual budget for the department and monitor budget results and explains any significant variances in accordance with the Company’s requirements.

·         Manage the review and evaluation of Wataniya Telecom’s operations, processes and policies to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control system and recommend enhancements to such controls, as required.

·         Improve the understanding and awareness of internal audit’s mission, objectives, duties and responsibilities across the Company through discussion of audit reports, relationship management and consultation with Managers and Directors.

·         Maintain organisational and professional ethical standards and ensures all internal audit activities are in compliance with The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) as well as standards related to financial reporting such as IFRS and GAP. 

·         Communicate in communicating the results of consulting projects via written reports and oral presentations on a timely basis to management

    Manage the review of the policies and procedures of the Financial & Operational aspects of the Company before being raised for Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors approval.

·         Manage ad hoc or special audit assignments and investigations as instructed by the Director Internal Audit

·         Manage the work of direct reports to ensure they meet their objectives, are kept motivated and perform in accordance with their job description

·         Conduct regular on the job training to ensure that direct reports have the necessary skills to undertake new or existing responsibilities.

·         Delegate responsibility to direct reports, in accordance with their role and ability, to ensure they are developed and maximise their potential.

·         Participate in the selection and interview process for the candidates as well as the assistance in the recruitment of reporting staff as required.

·         Perform the annual performance appraisal process for the direct reporting staff and ensure objectives set are monitored and take effective actions to address performance matters.

    Manage the workload and resources to effectively handle the different assignments in the Operational & Financial Audit department.

·         Develop, train and encourage fresh Nedjma Graduates joining the Audit team and pass on his/her knowledge and experience to them during field work and mentor their career advancement.

·         Develop and maintain productive team-oriented management and staff relationships through individual contacts and group meetings.

·         Represent internal audit at Wataniya Telecom project team meetings, at management meetings, and meetings with external organisations.

·         Pursue professional development opportunities, including external and internal training and professional association memberships, and shares information gained with co-workers.

·         Proactively take responsibility for self-improvement by staying well-informed of developments, knowledge and innovations in relevant field of expertise.

    Other duties as directed by Director, Internal Audit.

Profil recherché

Qualifications requises

·           Bachelor degree in Accounting or an appropriate area of study from a first tier educational institute.

·           Certification in at least one area (e.g., CIA, CMA, CFA, CA, ACCA, CPA, etc.) is preferable

·           Post-graduate qualifications in business administration, public administration, or a related field or profession (e.g., operational auditing, financial auditing, or accounting) will be viewed favourably.
MS Office

·           Familiarity, good IT knowledge and ability to manage an audit.

·           Strong computer literacy including audit management systems, systems documentation, and other business software to prepare reports, memos, summaries, and analyses.

Expérience requise :

·         8+ Years Minimum experience in internal auditing, external auditing, accounting, business analysis, operations, or program evaluation.

·         3+ Years Minimum Managerial experience.

·         General knowledge of international accounting and auditing standards.

·         Extensive skill in planning and project management.

·         Analytical and evaluation skills.

·         Strong organisational and administrative skills

·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

·         Report writing and presentation skills.

·         Ability to operate in a diverse multicultural, multinational work environment, exhibiting appropriate sensitivities.

·         Fluent verbal and written communication in both Arabic and English.

·         Deep knowledge of The IIA’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) and Code of Ethics as well as standards related to financial reporting such as IFRS and SCF.

·         Extensive knowledge of contemporary risk management and control techniques and working knowledge of contemporary control frameworks.

·         Working knowledge of control and risk self-assessment facilitation techniques.

·         Considerable knowledge of industry program policies, procedures, regulations, and laws.

·         Familiarity with the common indicators of fraud.

Considerable skill in conflict resolution, mediation, negotiating issues, and resolving problems

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